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BMA international affiliate membership

The BMA has been helping doctors for over 190 years. We understand the importance of support, collaboration and information sharing in the medical profession. BMA international affiliate membership is for anyone seeking to work in the UK, or international doctors looking for international medical best-practice sharing.

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Supporting doctors starting a career in the UK

We understand that international doctors face challenges on their journey to working in the UK; including the immigration system, starting a new life, understanding the National Health Service or joining a new workplace culture.

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Supporting doctors anywhere in the world

From best practice and research to educational support, we've opened our vast resources to support all international doctors, wherever they are in the world.

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BMA Affiliate Membership

£44 yearly

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The BMJ Online a peer-reviewed medical trade journal

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The BMJ Online a peer-reviewed medical trade journal
Continuing Professional Development modules
e-learning tools across different medical practices
Guides to medical ethics and patient consent
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I'm delighted that we are offering a new membership package for international doctors. Our international affiliate membership provides the support you need to thrive as a doctor working in the UK.
Chaand Nagpaul, Past chair of BMA council and current chair of the BMA Forum for Racial and Ethnic Equality.